What Shape Your Brand is All About

If you’ve ever wondered: “Where can I find trustworthy and actionable business advice?” 

Then you are in the right place.

Shape Your Brand is where I get to share many years of experience and passion in entrepreneurship, people & culture, and e-commerce with you.

"I am here to help you reach your business goals and financial freedom through guides and coaching."

Our Core Values

Our values shape and define us as individuals and as a business. We see these values as the beating heart of our company and our goals.

Putting People First

Our number one goal is to help our readers create and shape their business dreams and improve their financial lives. Focus on solving problems and celebrating wins.

Ethical Business

People are awesome! We believe that a living wage, flexibility, healthcare, and extended time off to recharge should be the norm. It is always a mutual great relationship.

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We respect your visit and trust. You will always be able to see how we make money and we only partner with products we believe in.

Making an Impact

We want to be a positive impact on people’s lives and help them realize their business or financial goals through guides and coaching. The world needs goodness and paying knowledge forward is our way.


We strive to improve ourselves and our work so the goal is always a positive dynamic force. We humbly embrace what we don’t know and take responsibility for getting better every day.

Behind the Scene

Bruno Langholm, Co-founder at Shape Your Brand LLC

Bruno Langholm


Klaus Ingvordsen, Co-founder at Shape Your Brand LLC

Klaus Ingvordsen