The Ultimate List of 212 Virtual Assistant Services

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The 2020 pandemic brought many companies into a digitalized way of working and the employees experienced the benefits of flexible work hours and commute. This has led to more than 136,000 searches for “Virtual Assistant” on Google every month, in addition to 10,600+ searched on how to become a Virtual Assistant.

So, I will provide you with the ultimate list of virtual assistant services to help you figure out if being a VA is something for you.

Can you become a Virtual Assistant, or VA?

Absolutely! I would ask why you have a doubt? Grab a cup of tea, and let’s talk this over.

Being a Virtual Assistant, or VA, is a great modern job for many people, as it provides the flexibility many businesses still haven’t evolved into offering their employees. So, in that way, it is a great way to take charge of your own work-life and time.

However, we should also talk about the challenges it can come with. It sounds great to be your boss, but it does come with all the exciting challenges of running a business. That part is not always for everyone.

When you become your boss, it is your responsibility to learn how to register a business, do your taxes right, plan for personal insurance and be ready for the bad times and the good ones.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Work on your own time while sipping cappuccinos and smiling all the way to the bank. Of course, this might be a little exaggerated, at least in the beginning. However, it does give you excellent flexibility, and if you start doing this besides your current job, you might need the coffee.

You are, in essence, a sort of Temporary worker for hire. You can work entirely for yourself or signup as a freelancer on one of several available Virtual Assistant Websites.

It is hard to specify a few and select tasks that you will always do because it all depends on your level of experience in the area you wish to offer your support. Consequently, most of what you will do is tied to tasks that businesses either don’t have the skill or time to do.

The hourly salary of a VA in most western countries starts around $14 and up to $95 depending on what area you are servicing. Most VA’s that charge below $14 are from countries with low salaries and don’t worry about that. Therefore, focus on where you live and make that a strength to make sure you always get a livable salary out of your work.

The Most Common Tasks for a VA

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Support
  • Data Entry
  • Database Management
  • Email Management
  • Generating Reports
  • Order fulfillment
  • Social Media Assistance
  • Transcription

The Most Common VA Niches

  • Administrative Virtual Assistant
  • Copywriter & Transcriptionist
  • Customer Care Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic Design Virtual Assistant
  • Technical Virtual Assistant
  • Translation Virtual Assistant
  • Travel Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Bookkeeper
  • Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant
The Ultimate List of 212 Virtual Assistant Services
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The Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

In addition to the ultimate list, we grouped all the services into the most common VA niches. 

Administrative VA

  1. Affiliate or Partner Manager
  2. Appointment Setting
  3. Arranging Interviews
  4. Blogger Outreach and Relationship Development
  5. Book Speaking Engagements
  6. Creating PowerPoint presentations
  7. Data Entry
  8. Event Planning and Management
  9. Form Preparation
  10. Generating Reports
  11. Grant Proposal Management
  12. Guest Post-Screening
  13. Helping Launch eBooks or Programs
  14. Hiring and Training New Team Members
  15. Interior Design Advisor
  16. Managing Blog Editorial Calendars
  17. Monitoring YouTube Content
  18. Order Fulfillment (Physical and/or Digital)
  19. Ordering Supplies
  20. Ordering, Packaging, and Sending Client Gifts
  21. Organizing Cloud Files
  22. Organizing Email Inboxes
  23. Organizing G-Drive Files
  24. Packaging and Shipping Products and Gifts
  25. Personal Assistant
  26. Personal Shopper
  27. Product Launch Management
  28. Re-purposing Content between Media
  29. Recruit New Potential Team Members
  30. Reputation Management
  31. SAP Data Entry
  32. Scan and Organize Paper Documents
  33. Skip Tracing for Realtors
  34. Updating House or Land Listings for Realtors
  35. Uploading YouTube videos
  36. Writing Job Listings

Bookkeeper VA

  1. Creating Project or Business Budgets
  2. General Bookkeeping
  3. Handling Payroll
  4. Making Collections calls
  5. Managing Payments and Invoicing
  6. Processing Orders and Refunds
  7. Startup Viability Budgeting

Customer Care VA

  1. Answering Phone calls
  2. Assisting with Teleseminars
  3. Calendar Maintenance
  4. Client Onboarding Tasks
  5. Community Management
  6. eBay Sales Support
  7. Event Support
  8. Following up with Leads/Clients
  9. Giveaway Management
  10. Live Webinar Assistance
  11. Managing Blog Comments
  12. Managing Online Communities
  13. Managing Social Media Comments
  14. Monitoring and Responding to Emails
  15. Monitoring Voicemails
  16. Offline Customer Service (inbound/outbound phone)
  17. Online Customer Service (email, chat, social media)
  18. Sending “Thank You” to Customers
The Ultimate List of 212 Virtual Assistant Services

Graphic Design VA

  1. Branding Services
  2. Creating Graphics for Blog Posts
  3. Creating Slides for Webinars or Workshops
  4. Creating Social Media Graphics or Pins
  5. Creating Visual Brand Identity or CVI
  6. Design Thumbnails and Headers for Video and Social Sites
  7. Designing Business Cards, Logos, Leaflets, Flyers, etc.
  8. Designing eBooks
  9. Creating Printable for People to Sell or Promote their Businesses
  10. Emoji and Animations Designer for Twitch Partners etc.
  11. Ezine Magazine Creation
  12. Photo Editing
  13. Photography for Websites and Promotional Materials
  14. Product Design for On-Demand Shipping like T-Shirts etc.
  15. Find Photos for Blog Posts, Social Media, etc.
  16. Storyboard Designing
  17. Vector Tracing

 Digital Marketing VA

  1. Blog Post Promotion
  2. Brand Pitch Deck
  3. Creating and Managing Facebook Accounts
  4. Creating and Managing Instagram Posts
  5. Creating and Managing Pinterest Accounts
  6. Creating and Managing Promoted Pins
  7. Creating and Managing TikTok Accounts
  8. Creating Facebook Ads
  9. Creating Press Releases
  10. Creating Social Media Polls
  11. Designing Social Media Graphics
  12. Direct Mailings
  13. eBook, Course, and Membership Promotion
  14. Email Automatization
  15. Lead and Sales Generation
  16. Managing Facebook Groups
  17. Marketing Strategy
  18. PR Distribution
  19. Prepare and Distribute Press Releases
  20. Preparing Slide Presentations
  21. Product Launches
  22. Promoting Live Events
  23. Responding to Social Media Messages
  24. Scheduling Messages in ManyChat
  25. Scheduling Pins via Tailwind
  26. Scheduling Social Media Updates
  27. Setting up and Managing LinkedIn Accounts
  28. Setting up and Managing LinkedIn Groups
  29. Setting up Sales Funnels
  30. Social Media Assistance
  31. Social Media Marketing
  32. Software and Game User Testing
The Ultimate List of 212 Virtual Assistant Services

Research VA

  1. Brainstorming Ideas for Blog Posts, Products, etc.
  2. Competition Research
  3. Contractor Research
  4. Creating SWOT Analysis
  5. Education Research
  6. Event Research
  7. Hashtag Research
  8. Joint Venture Research and Follow up
  9. Keyword Research for Etsy, Pinterest, Google, etc.
  10. Licensing Research
  11. Market Research
  12. Patent Research
  13. Political Research
  14. Product Price Comparison
  15. Product Research
  16. Researching and Applying to Affiliate Marketing Programs
  17. Researching and Condensing Information
  18. Researching and Summarizing Industry News
  19. Researching Guest Post Opportunities
  20. Researching LinkedIn Groups
  21. Researching Podcast Guests
  22. Researching Programs and Resources
  23. Researching Publishers
  24. Researching Speaking Opportunities
  25. Running Promotions
  26. Skip Tracing for Leads
  27. Software and Program Research
  28. Software Research
  29. Solution Research
  30. Sponsorship Research
  31. Travel Research
  32. Vendor/printer Research

Technical VA

  1. Ad Management
  2. Amazon Seller
  3. Analytics Reporting (Google Analytics, Email, Social Media, etc.)
  4. Author Assistant
  5. Blog Management
  6. Business Strategy
  7. Creating and Managing Affiliate Programs
  8. Creating and Self-Publishing Books for Authors
  9. Creating Digital Magazines
  10. Creating Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages
  11. Creating Online Quizzes
  12. Creating Surveys and Online Forms
  13. Database Creation and Management
  14. Online Course Creation
  15. File Conversion
  16. Formatting Blog Posts
  17. Formatting eBooks
  18. Light Calculations and Photometrics
  19. Managing Customer Databases
  20. Managing Ecommerce Sites
  21. Optimizing Blog Posts with Images, Links, and CTAs (Call to Actions)
  22. Podcast Editing
  23. Podcast Submission
  24. Project Management
  25. Setting up Digital Product Delivery
  26. Setting up Goals in Google Analytics
  27. Setting up Membership Sites
  28. Setting up Newsletter Opt-in Forms and Sequences
  29. Setting up or Migrating Email Lists to a New Email Service Provider
  30. Setting up Secure Websites (SSL)
  31. Setting up Spreadsheets
  32. Setting up UTM Goals to Track Website Traffic
  33. Shopping Cart Installation/maintenance
  34. Streamlining and Automating Systems
  35. Tracking and Fixing Broken Links
  36. Troubleshooting, IT support
  37. Updating Websites and Plugins
  38. Video Editing
  39. Web Design/Maintenance
  40. Webinar Set up and Promotion
  41. Website Coding
  42. Website Security and Backups
  43. Website SEO

Translation VA

  1. Translate Documents
  2. Translated Transcription
  3. Translation of Product Text

Travel VA

  1. Booking Accommodations
  2. Booking Flight, Hotel, and Car
  3. Planning Itineraries
  4. Planning Unique Excursions
  5. Researching Discounts and Travel Offers
  6. Researching Travel Destinations

 Copywriter & Transcriptionist

  1. Collecting/Editing Testimonials
  2. Creating or Updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  3. E-commerce Product Descriptions for Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, etc.
  4. Proofreading and Edit Blog Posts, Newsletters, Books, Websites, etc.
  5. Email Marketing Copywriting
  6. Ghostwriting
  7. Grant Proposals
  8. Legal Writing
  9. Letter Writing
  10. Podcast Scripting
  11. Taking Meeting Minutes
  12. Transcription
  13. Translation of Products and other Text
  14. Website and Sales Page Copywriting
  15. Writing and Updating Resumes/CVs
  16. Writing Article/Guest Posting Submissions
  17. Writing eBooks, Books, Newsletters, Email Funnels, etc.
  18. Writing or Editing Audio or Video Transcriptions
  19. Writing Engaging Social Media Content
The Ultimate List of 212 Virtual Assistant Services
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How do you use this list of services?

As you can see, there are many services you can offer as a VA.

Go through the list, select the services you are interested in, and maybe already have some skills. You can combine services into packages, charge per task, per project, or even offer a monthly retainer.

Write down what your services will look like and research how the market seems, competition, opportunity, and supporting courses that might help you get even better If you need it.

Evidently, you will reach a point where you feel good about the services you have selected. When you reach that moment, I recommend that you try it out. Join some Facebook groups and offer your help for free and test it out.

This gives you the chance to tweak it as you go and be able to underpromise and overdeliver when you are ready to offer your services at a cost. As a result of this testing, you will also have a few genuine testimonials to use when you launch.

And remember, just because you start with one service doesn’t mean you’re stuck offering that service for the rest of your career. You can always pivot to others or add additional services.

I hope you find your path and get to sip all the beach Mai Tais you want when working from your laptop.

Bruno Langholm

Bruno Langholm

Bruno, the founder of Shape Your Brand, is a seasoned expert in the luxury product industry with a passion for helping startups thrive. Combining professional expertise and self-taught mastery, Bruno has honed his skills in branding, marketing, e-commerce, and web design, making him the perfect mentor for ambitious entrepreneurs. Through Shape Your Brand, he shares actionable advice, insightful strategies, and a touch of humor to keep things lively.

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